2011 Season Results

2011 Mercer 1/2 Marathon - 1:39:14 - 7:34/mile
2011 Issaquah Triathlon - 2nd AG, 8th OA
2011 Ironman Coeur d'Alene - 11:45:17
2011 Seafair Olympic Triathlon - 5th AG @ 2:07:26
2011 Lake Stevens Ironman 70.3 - 5:24:17
2011 Beaver Lake Triathlon - 2nd AG
2011 Cottage Lake Triathlon - 1st AG, 3rd OA
2011 Kirkland Triathlon - 4th AG
2011 Issaquah Salmon Days 10K - 42:47 6:53/mile

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beaver Lake Triathlon 2010

.25m swim / 13mi bike / 4.3mi run
Aug 21st, 2010

The return to the BLT Smile… in 2007 Kevin talked me into doing this race… with no training… and I mean NO training… I signed up the morning of the race and I had never done a triathlon… didn’t even really know how it all worked. I couldn’t swim freestyle, hadn’t put on a pair of running shoes in 2 years… all I knew how to do was bike… so I figured why not!  Three years later it finally worked out to put this race back on the schedule.. this time I showed up with a fancy red bike, fancy red running shoes, aero helmet, aero wheels, a power meter, a wetsuit and many other “tri geek” toys… let’s just say it’s been an expensive 3 years. Surprised smile  I didn’t spend much time training for BLT this year, after the Chelan ½IM I got busy and didn’t get in much training but that was okay, I wanted to take a very relaxed fun attitude into BLT.. this one was for fun, no expectations… well.. okay… I had a few… beat my 2007 time by A LOT!  Go sub 40:00 on the bike and run a sub 7 pace. 

PRE-RACE:  Woke up early, loaded up the car, picked up Kevin, and we were off.   Breakfast: bagel with PB, pop tart, EFS Pre-Race, and a Gu 30 min before the start.  Set up transition (I actually knew what that was this time!)  Warmed up and strolled over to the lake.  In 2007 I thought the swim looked impossible… this time around it looked really really short!

SWIM:  6:56

I hadn’t swam since Chelan and even at Chelan I felt slow… just haven’t found my swimming groove this year.  I started in wave #4… which wasn’t much different than starting in wave #1… the BLT course never really jams up.  Nothing too exciting out there, slower than I wanted to be but right where I expected to be.  Came out of the water feeling good… in 2007 I came out of the water after breast-stroking and laying on my back for 10 min about to puke and pass out right there on the beach.

T1:  1:27

Not super fast… I was slow getting the wetsuit off and my shoes didn’t go on as fast as normal (they are worn out and starting to lose shape… I picked up a new pair last week but didn’t want to race in them without a few more rides.).. but soon I was running out of T1 with my shiny red bike.

BIKE:  40:42  PACE: 20.43mph   (26/383 OA bike split)

The BLT bike course isn’t a leisure ride…  I think it’s the most difficult sprint bike course in the Seattle area.  The first mile I tried to take it easy and get the HR down… only to start hammering it on mile 2 and get the HR back up.  My goal was sub 40:00 which I knew would be difficult but I believed my legs could pull it off.  I passed quite a few people and realized the speed differential between me and some of the slower riders caused a few close calls.  Almost took a girl out at the bottom of the big hill but I managed to swerve to the outside of the cones to avoid a crash (didn’t make mr. Sheriff very happy, but I figured it was better than my face on pavement.  I hit the big climb feeling good but a little worried I had gone too hard too early… turned out I was just fine… I have ridden this hill a lot and I had my best climb up the beast… legs felt great and I was able to attack the entire length of the hill.  Kept the speed up on top as I rode back to T2… feeling good.  As T2 approached I realized I hadn’t been passed… not on the hill, not on the flats… things were looking good.  I looked at my time and sadly watched 40min tick by just as I turned into the park.. grrrr. 

T2:   0:47

I was a little slow dismounting and while running in T2 I was passed by a guy in my AG.  Dropped off the bike, threw on the shoes and headed out… re-passed the guy who passed me… never saw him again.

RUN: 31:20   PACE: 7:16      (61/383 OA Run)

The run started out on an uneven trail… I passed the 100 yard mark.. significant only because this is where I started walking in 2007 and almost passed out… no problems this time around.  The trail took us up a very short but very steep little hill… legs wanted to cramp but I slowed know to avoid that.  Finally got my legs under me and felt good… and I started passing people!  Not a big deal for most.. but I really can’t run and I am usually not passing ANYONE… and the other odd thing was that I wasn’t being passed by anyone…  Go me!!.. I can finally sort of run!  At the end of mile 2 I realized I wasn’t at the 1/2 point of the run and I was still running my 5K pace…. so I backed off the pace a bit… I hadn’t really thought about what pace to run for a 4.3 mile run.  I ran mile 3 way too slow… got passed by a guy in my AG and let him go… more of a mental breakdown than anything else… I felt good, just worried about running out of gas before the finish line.  I picked it up a bit for mile 4 but since I hadn’t done any recon of the course I had no idea how much further I really had to go to the finish… again.. more of a mental error.  Finally got back to the park and went into a full out sprint when I realized I was actually at the finish… felt great and I had plenty left in the tank.  I simply ran the second 1/2 of the course too slow out of fear of burning up.  Next year I am going to stick with my 5K pace… the extra 1.2 mile hurts, but it shouldn’t change the game as much as I let it. 

OVERALL: 1:21:13  AG: 5/26     OA 27/362

At the end of the race I realized I had only been passed by one person on the bike and run combined.. and that guy was of course in my AG… opps.  I snagged 5th AG and 27th OA… 1st-3rd AG were way out of reach, but 4th was within reach if I hadn’t let that guy sneak by and get so far head in the run.  I had a blast and really got to see how much I have improved in this silly little sport over the last 3 years.  Did I accomplish my goals?... let’s see… sub 40:00 on the bike… Nope.  Sub 7/min pace on the run… Nope.  Had fun… absolutely, and I tied for my best finish yet.  It was fun to return to the BLT 3 years later… once again with Kevin who talked me into doing this race the first time. As an added bonus some old friends I hadn’t seen in a while showed up and did the race… and my friend Maggie was living the dream I did back in 2007… her first triathlon.  She finished with a smile and said she was hooked on the sport… I know the feeling.   

Oh.. and just for fun… here’s my 2007 results compared to my 2010 results:

5.  Greg Taylor 1:21:13   0:06:56   55  1:27  0:40:42  0:47  26 0:31:20

31. Greg Taylor 1:47:22   0:10:09  325  3:18  0:46:50  1:57 222 0:45:07

Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 Issaquah Triathlon

Sprint – 1/4 swim / 14 mile bike / 5k run

This is our first Triathlon every year and it’s something I always look forward to. The course isn’t great, but it still a lot of fun. Just like last year, Angela decided to join me for the Duathlon… sIMG_2246he does the same race as me, but she skips the swim. This year was a bit different… Seattle hasn’t seem much of the sun this year… in fact it’s been cold and rainy and the days leading up to the race flooded Sammamish State park… so this was the first time I raced in the mud… and a mud fest it was!!!

Pre Race:

We woke up and headed out to the park. I had two pop-tarts pre-race and sipped on some Gatorade. I forgot to take my Gu 30 min before the race and I think I really could have used the extra energy. We set everything up, waded through the mud and puddles, and managed to find the new JFT2 team tent. I went for a warm up run, then tried to swim… just couldn’t stay in the water. I have a sleeveless wetsuit and my arms were just frozen.. so didn’t get much of a warm up in.

SWIM: 7:38

Not a great swim.. mainly because I was just so cold. My arms were frozen. No problem with face/head.. just my arms and it made my arms feel sluggish. Time to FINALLY purchase a full wetsuit. I didn’t have any problems with traffic.. didn’t get kicked and didn’t kick anyone… but I also didn’t find anyone to draft off of. Came out of the water feeling fine except for being really cold

T1: 1:38

Ran through the mud, wetsuit off, shoes on, glasses on, helmet on, go. Just as I was heading to the TA out I felt my helmet come imageunclipped. I stopped and leaned my bike against the fence and to snap my helmet (and Angela was right there headed out on the Du, so she was cheering my on)… helmet fixed, but now people are yelling at me that I dropped something… yep… my mini-aero bottle straw was laying in the mud about 5 feet back. I decided to go ahead and run back and grab it.. straw retrieved (covered in mud), and finally out of T1… longer that I had hoped.

BIKE: 40:50 22.1 mph

I had a rather uneventful bike.. things went well but I never managed to get my power up. My legs just felt sluggish from the cold swim and I just couldn’t turn them over as fast as normal, I never felt tired.. just sluggish. I was only passed by one person on the bike (I think it was Chris and he flew by like I was standing still!) so things went okay out there, but overall I didn’t feel like I had a great performance, but I do love the new bike and it performed flawlessly for this race. Luckily I managed to avoid any flats… 5 out of the 7 people I raced with ended up with flats. Bummer day. Back into T2 and back into the mud.

T2: 1:01

Nothing noteworthy… by this point I knew I wasn’t having my best race and I still felt a little sluggish in T2… but shoes on and I put on my muddy running hat and off I went. IMG_2248

RUN: 19:41

Feet were completely numb but that’s nothing new and didn’t bother me. I really wasn’t sure where I was headed since the course was just rerouted an hour before the race… parts of the run were super muddy and very slick and my Zoot’s don’t have a lot of traction. I managed to stay upright and the legs felt good. Turned out to be one of the best runs of my life and I was close to 7 min miles (I am a SLOW runner!) I crossed the finish line feeling good… maybe too good. I didn’t really push myself enough on this race and I recovered very quickly. Overall I am happy.. had a good race.. not great, but the conditions weren’t great either. Finished 13th in my AG, last year I was 19th. I had a great day racing with Angela who took 4th place in her AG in the DU. I was great seeing all my JFT2 teammates. Next race is in 2 weeks, 5 Mile Lake.

Age Group: 13th place out of 114

Overall: 57th Place out of 837