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Ironman Arizona 2008

2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run November 23rd, 2008, Tempe, Arizona brief thoughts on the day:Around 8:25pm on Sunday November 23rd I heard the most  wonderful words ring out across the dark Arizona sky.  This was all after a day in which I watched the sun light up the dark horizon over the lake while I swam chasing the sunrise, later I was on my wind cheating leg powered  rocket ship and the sun had moved higher into the sky, now beating down heating up the Arizona desert, soon I left the speedy bike behind and relied on my exhausted legs to carry my into the sunset, the sun had done it’s job today but my challenge was far from over.  Into the darkness I ran, but I was far from alone and any time the fatigue or pain overcame my thoughts I would find myself surrounded by people who I had never met, people who didn’t know my personal challenge of the moment, but they would call out my name with encouragement and all of this simply helped …

Cascade’s Edge Olympic Triathlon 2008

1.5k Swim - 40k Bike - 10k Run went off at 5:45am and I packed up the truck and headed out to Enumclaw to attempt my first Olympic distance triathlon.  It was a beautiful morning.. the kind of weather you expect for the longest day of  the year… (certainly not the kind of weather we have been seeing in Seattle this year!) I went with the pop tarts – no coffee breakfast since that seemed to work well for the Issaquah race.  It really was a wonderful drive through the woods out to the race… sunroof open, windows down, and a smile on your face kind of drive.  I was careful about how much I was hydrating... didn’t want to over hydrate and have to pee every 10 minutes during the race… but this turned out to be a mistake since I started the race dehydrated… opps. I hadn’t pre-registered so I walked up, registered, and headed in to transition to set up.  I was actually one of the first people they let in to transition and the volunteers were still …

Issaquah Triathlon 2008

Image - 1/4 swim, 15 mile bike, 2.8 mile run
May 31st, 2008The alarm clock went off at 4:45 and I had everything loaded up and headed out to pick up Kevin by 5:55am. We couldn’t have asked for better weather… no rain and no clouds… it was a bit cold for the end of May, but overall it was warm enough that weather wouldn’t be a factor. I decided to do things a bit differently this  time.. no Starbuck's to wake me up.. and keep breakfast simple.. very simple. On Coach Jill’s suggestion I turned to PopTarts for my source of nutrition. I honestly think this was the first time I have ever had a PopTart!.. they are actually quite tasty! Kevin and I arrived at 5:30am, unloaded and headed to transition. I arrived early enough to secure the end position on my assigned rack. I set up my transition area and then found Jill and a few other JFT2’ers, dumped my transition bag at the team tent and then went for a short warm up run. Just before 7 am I threw on my wetsuit and went for …

Why i Tri!

So why do I do this crazy sport?  And why do i need three different sports to train for.. why not focus on just one?  Well… first, i am a bit ADD (as they call it these days)… i get bored quickly and three different sports tends to cure that:).  Second… well.. as you can see by the photos below I had to find something to help keep me in shape and training for triathlons tends to do the trick.Not too long ago i was pushing 245 pounds (YIKES) and really had no idea how to eat right or how to exercise.  The 20/20 program at the Pro Sports Club fixed that about 4 years ago (basically think of “America’s Biggest Loser", except you pay them money to yell at you vs. trying to win some money.)  I have been around 175-180 pounds since the program and i feel great!   Yikes!  I never want to feel or look like that EVER again!A few years ago i stumbled on to cycling… something i loved doing back in collage but gave up when i got out of shape.  Cycling was great but I wanted something that wa…