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2018 Oceanside 70.3

2018 Oceanside 70.3

I decided to add an early season 70.3 this year and wanted to go someone that the whole family could enjoy as part of spring break… Oceanside 70.3 lined up well and I had this on my list of races I wanted to do.  Lots of indoor training as the weather in Seattle hasn’t allowed for much riding or even running outside this spring but training in the garage works well with the family.  We headed down to the sunshine and beach to kick off the race season.

Friday (Day before race)
Ran 4 miles on the Strand and checked out the climb up to the pier (STEEP but short) and then jumped in the ocean for 25 mins to wake the arms up. We were informed the beach start for the race was cancelled due to high surf and we were back to the marina swim course from previous years but I still had to do my pre-day swim from the beach. Swimming out through the surf was very challenging (wasn’t making much progress before each wave hit) but it was good practice for the next time I do a race tha…