2011 Season Results

2011 Mercer 1/2 Marathon - 1:39:14 - 7:34/mile
2011 Issaquah Triathlon - 2nd AG, 8th OA
2011 Ironman Coeur d'Alene - 11:45:17
2011 Seafair Olympic Triathlon - 5th AG @ 2:07:26
2011 Lake Stevens Ironman 70.3 - 5:24:17
2011 Beaver Lake Triathlon - 2nd AG
2011 Cottage Lake Triathlon - 1st AG, 3rd OA
2011 Kirkland Triathlon - 4th AG
2011 Issaquah Salmon Days 10K - 42:47 6:53/mile

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Why i Tri!

So why do I do this crazy sport?  And why do i need three different sports to train for.. why not focus on just one?  Well… first, i am a bit ADD (as they call it these days)… i get bored quickly and three different sports tends to cure that:).  Second… well.. as you can see by the photos below I had to find something to help keep me in shape and training for triathlons tends to do the trick.

Not too long ago i was pushing 245before_2 pounds (YIKES) and really hbefore_1ad no idea how to eat right or how to exercise.  The 20/20 program at the Pro Sports Club fixed that about 4 years ago (basically think of “America’s Biggest Loser", except you pay them money to yell at you vs. trying to win some money.)  I have been around 175-180 pounds since the program and i feel great!   Yikes!  I never want to feel or look like that EVER again!

A few years ago i stumbled on to cycling… something i loved doing back in collage but gave up when i got out of shape.  Cycling was great but I wanted something that was a bit more goal oriented.  My friend Doug Thompson had just completed his first Ironman and talked me into joining a new triathlon team that his coach was forming… so i did.  I joined team JFT2 and started learning about the sport.  When i competed in my first triathlon last year i didn’t know how to swim(really.. i managed to breast stroke and float on my back around the course!) and i hadn’t ran in about 18 months… it was a bit painful but i made it to the finish line and fell in love with the sport of triathlon.  Now at the start of my second season i have started to figure out what i am doing and this year i will be competing in my first Half Ironman race (Lake Stevens 70.3) and my first full Ironman (Ironman Arizona November.)

LakeStevens5Training ride on the Lake Stevens 1/2 IM course on the QR (thanks to Triumph Multisport!) 

    kirkland tiathlon 068BD_Tri