2011 Issaquah Salmon Days 10K

October 2nd, 2011

Here’s a fun little race to finish out the race season… and strangely it was my first “run only” 10K.  My son Kayson was born two weeks before this race and our new little addition to the Taylor family has been consuming all my time… so this race was purely a “wake up and go do it without much thinking” kind of event… my favorite!  The Issaquah 10K course is mostly flat (at least they compared to some of the other course around here) and is part of the big Issaquah Salmon Day’s festival… celebrating the return of the amazing Salmon.  Anyway… on with the race…

Typical breakfast then met up with my teammate James to carpool to the race.  Registered, then sat around chatting with teammates and then a little warm up.  Didn’t feel great after the warm up… blah.. oh well.  Race time finally comes and James and I are up front… Gun goes off and we are running… and I can tell I am running WAY too fast but didn’t really do anything to slow down.  At mile #1 I see Coach Jill cheering us on and I am still about 15 feet behind James.. which is a really bad sign since he runs much faster.  Mile one clicks by at 6:10… opps.. way too fast.  things when fine till mile 2.5ish.. it’s a bit uphill along a trail.. really started to feel the effects of going to hard on mile one.  Finally turned around at mile 3 and I recovered a bit as we headed back to the finish.  Around mile 5 I remembered that 6.2 miles is actually not a short distance to be running at sprint pace and I was really really looking forward to the finish line!  Pace stayed about the same to the finish.. managed to sprint the last 50 yards to prevent a few people from passing me.  Crossed the line and thought I was going to lose my breakfast.  That really hurt!  I went sub 7’s and I did PR for a 10K but all the other 10K’s I have run were preceded by a swim/bike.. but I like every small victory I can getSmile.

The numbers:

Time: 42:47
8th AG / 53rd OA
Average pace: 6:54

Mile 1 6:10
Mile 2 6:40
Mile 3 7:03
Mile 4 7:09
Mile 5 6:54
Mile 6 6:56
Mile 6.2 6:42 pace


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