A new ROO is arriving! "Panta Hypomenei."

I was thinking the other day.... how can I make a complete fool out of myself while competing in all these crazy triathlons... what can i do to really make people wonder why in the world is "he" out there doing this.  Here's what i came up with:  Start riding a full carbon tri-specific race bike with fancy carbon race wheels... and still ride at the same speed as my old bike and watch guys on Mt bikes pass by me during the race.  That should do it (and make the guys passing me feel pretty good in the process!.)  Well the guys down at Triumph Multisport were a huge help and now I have a new donkey to ride for next session.  Everyone says you need a name for your race bike... I think mainly because you need "someone" to yell at and blame when the hills get too steep.. and last time i checked bikes don't yell back.  So my new Roo will be given the name "Panta Hypomenei" -Translated from Greek is means: patently enduring, always continues strong, never gives up, and endures through every circumstance.  When i start yelling at the carbon fiber below me (if i can actually remember the words and say them!) hopefully i will be reminded of the significance of the words and find encouragement.


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